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Artists & Tours


Performance – Pop

Eclecta high res 3 small

Marena Whitcher – Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Percussion
Andrina Bollinger – Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Percussion

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musique en route

Volksmusik – Balkan – Traditional

musique en route MAMINKA quadrat Wiese by Tabea Hüberli

Ronny Spiegel – Violin, Vocals
Tom Tafel – Accordeon, Percussion, Vocals
Ariel Facundo Rossi – Guitar, Vocals
Stefanie Hess – Double Bass, Vocals

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The Dead Brothers



Alain Croubalian – Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Matthias Lincke – Violin, Mandolin, Vocals
Dide Marfurt – Strings,Harmonium, Percussion
Resli Burli – Harmonium, Strings, Percussion
Leon Schätti – Tuba

„The greatest and strangest funeral combo of the world.“

Reto Burrell


RETO_2016_0146 Kopie

Reto Burrell – Vocals, Guitar
Ewald Heusser – Guitar
Andy Schnellmann, Toby Bachmann – Bass
Chris Filter, Rafi Woll – drums
Thomas Kull – piano, organ, accordion

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Future Art Pop

a JPTR Pressimage 2017 horiz

KIU – Vocals, Drums
IKARU – Drums, Vocals


Folk – Mundart – Pop


Trummer – vocals, guitar
Nadja Stoller – vocals, accordeon
Samuel Baur – vocals, percussion, drums
Robert Aeberhard – vocals, bass
Muso Stamm – vocals, percussion, drums
Mik Keusen – vocals, piano

Trummer & Nadja Stoller singen Maria Lauber
Trummer – vocals, guitar
Nadja Stoller – vocals, accordeon

Trummer Solo
Trummer – vocals, guitar


Trip-Hop – Ambient – Indie


Larissa Bretscher – Vocals, Electronics
Nicolas Stocker – Drums, Percussion, Electronics
Christian Wyss – Piano, Guitar, Electronics, Vocals

Last release on TOURBOmusic: Spotify

David Hope (IE)

Folk – Americana – Blues

David Hope

David Hope – Guitar, Vocals

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Mark Geary (IE)

Indie-Folk / Singer-songwriter

Mark Geary_ Promo_small Website

Mark Geary vocals/guitar

New Album „The Fool“ out on TOURBOmusic & SonaBlast the 20th of October 2017.

Moes Anthill

Americana – Folk – Indie

Moes Anthill Everybody gets a balloon Official

Mario Moe Schelbert – Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Simone Baumann – Piano, Vocals
Michael Boner – Slide, Guitar, Vocals
Flurin Lanfranconi – Double Bass, Vocals
Clemens Kuratle – Drums, Vocals

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Long Tall Jefferson

Folk – Singer/Songswriter

PressPic3 (Photo_ErikFischer)

Long Tall Jefferson – Guitar, Vocals

Fatima Dunn

One Woman Orchestra


Fatima Dunn – Vocals, Cello, Loopstation

Europa: Neue Leichtigkeit

Kitsch Schlager

Europa Neue Leichtigkeit Press 2

EUROPA heisst die Band der Neuen Leichtigkeit.
EUROPA is the band of New Ease.
EUROPA est le band du Nouveau Libertinage.

Essay zu Europa: Neue Leichtigkeit

Lina Button

Pop – Singer/Songwriter


Lina Button – Vocals, Guitar, Piano

Marena Whitcher´s Shady Midnight Orchestra

Ghost Jazz

Photo by Brigitte Fässler

Marena Whitcher – Composition, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Glass Harp
Nils Fischer – Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone
Lisa Hasler – Vocals, Toys
Marina Sobyanina – Vocals, Toys
Luzius Schuler – Piano
Maximilian Grossenbacher – Double Bass
Nicolas Stocker – Drums, Glockenspiel

Celtic Carrousel

Celtic Carrousel brings some of Ireland’s most authentic and outstanding trad & folk bands to Switzerland.

Duach instruments small


28.09. – 01.10.17 with Tulsk (Sean Regan, Peter Molloy, Joe Molloy & Alan Burke)

30.11. – 03.12.17

01. – 04.02.18 / 15. – 18.03.18 / 05. – 08.04.18 / 12. – 15.04.18 / 13. – 16.09.18

More Info about the bands and more tour dates will be announced soon!

Tour management & production management

TOURBOmusic offers tour management and production management for all kind of events.

Artists we work with:

Klischée, Silberbüx, musique en route, Delinquent Habits and many more


TOURBOmusic is a production management and consulting agency, specialising in folk, traditional and experimental musical genres.

Mainpicture by Tabea Hüberli @, other pictures by Benjamin Kniel

TOURBOmusic represented by Tobias Bolfing is member of the IndieSuisse executive board.

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